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[ENG + JAP + CHI] Why should you choose Jaejoong’s Fanmeeting in Vietnam as your next destination?

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CielJJ - Jaejoong's Vietnamese fansite


Dear friends,

Having he first fanmeeting here, and also being the last station of his tour, Vietnam is such a lucky country all of a sudden. All of us, Vietnamese fans hope that JJ’s fanmeeting tour will come to an end in the most blessed way.

Therefore, we really hope and wish that we can welcome our international fans to come to this fanmeeting, to enjoy those beautiful moments with Jaejoong. With that, FM in Vietnam has prepared many activities for you to enjoy:

– The Fanmeeting will be in two languages: English and Vietnamese
– Fun games
– Interacting and taking photos with Jaejoong
– Big hall and clear sight
– Can be assisted in welcoming him at the airport
– And the most special one: Auction for his stuff which were brought by himself, ONLY IN VIETNAM

Vietnam – our peaceful country – welcomes you…

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